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12.5 years from now... - I hate my wisdom teeth

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December 29th, 2003

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04:25 pm - 12.5 years from now...
As the New Year approaches, I've been thinking about the future...oh, say, 10-15 years from now. OK, ok, I'll be decisive and say 12.5 years from now.

After being promoted to editor-in-chief for the wpost, Dani tries to make full use of her position by publishing controversial and propagandistic editorials as an attempt to take over the US. MB is her graphics editor. She succeeds in taking over the US and being the angel she is she shares her fortune with her friends. Suddenly, she decides she has no friends and keeps it all for herself...JKJK! Each person gets a part of the US named after them. Next, Danz tries to take over the world by publishing her work on her husband's, C’s world-famous website. This does not go as well as planned because even though she's a genius, she somehow overlooked the fact that the majority of the world does not have the internet, the different languages, and even if they could read it, she used such elaborate words, that they couldn't understand! Dani decides to take a vacation to tend to her dear husband (they sang EP on their wedding day) and her 2.5, JUST KIDDING, her 4, and soon to be 5 kids. Of course, she's still thinking of ways to rule the world and re-evaluating her plan. After vacationing for a week, she decides to make a comeback. Her brilliant new idea is to charm the world through composing piano pieces that contain subliminal messaging instead of re-editing her editorials to make the big words, little words. Does she succeed, does she fail?? DUN DUN DUN...

Dani's wedding: Dani and Charles hold their wedding reception at Starbucks. Dani has the camera glued to her hand and she and Charles point and laugh as they take blackmail pictures of their guests getting high off caffine. Cheers, mates! They were *supposed* to give out coffee beans as goody bags (goody bags at weddings?? who'da thought?!), but they decided to keep it for themselves, silly rabbits!

Finally realizing his true love was right in front of him the whole time, by in front I mean standing on his lawn, the heir of the Irish mafia proposes to Tash. Unfortunately for him, Tash, after waiting for him, has decided to dedicate her life to a convent. He arrives there just in time to grab her and snog her within an inch of her life *cheese and lemon curry play in the background during this ground-shaking snog*. He declares his true love for her, and they get married. However, the pope decides to excommunicate him from the church since cheeky (cough cough) decided to snog in a convent and rob him of a nun. The rest of the Irish Mafia is lost without their leader. All seems to be in shambles, until Tash suddenly hears her original calling...NEW ZEALAND! Ah, yes. Kiwi-a-gogo-land bahs to her. Her faithful husband follows her. They start out with 14 sheep, each of which represents one of us and our spouse. The sheep include, the black sheep, the red sheep, the sheep who runs into walls, the sheep uh...heads or tails, which is which??, the singing sheep that all the other sheep beat up...yes...many, many crazy sheep. The Irish Mafia feels lost, until they find...HEY! Or should I say, OI! Kiwi-a-gogo-land isn't so bad! The mafia moves to NZ and spend the rest of their lives terrorizing the large community of sheep, while visiting the LOTR set on weekends and twice on Sundays.

I got started on other people's, but I'll post them later! Please comment or add stuff!!
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